Best12/24v fridge / freezer

Did search function but so many mixed reviews

looking for decent fridge with the abilty to pretty much freezer stuff just purchased a Dometic Waeco Mobicool but all its realy any good for is keeping the beer resnobaly cool and cant leave it on a night as noisey little thing , needs to be decent size for weeks supply plus sufficent storage for few beers for the evening


Once you start wanting to freeze stuff, you’re talking mega money from a mobile yoke for obvious reasons. You could have a look at the reviews section on Amazon before making your decision, I find this an excellent way of deciding if something is for me.

Why not just get a decent mobile fridge & abandon the freezer idea?

Anything that isn’t plumbed in to the wagon is always going to be a compromise & will be noisy, the fixed ones are about £300-£500 for a reason.

I’ve just got a mobicool 12/240 volt , run it off my inverter in the truck . Turn it onto ‘Eco’ setting at night and it’s really quiet , just a quiet hum . Everything stil nice and cool in the morning .
Was about £80

Cheers mike

I have got a one of these in the garage Dometic Outdoor | Dometic Australia

It is 12/24 and 240v and is very quiet. Used it for one summer then got a wagon with a fridge built in. Cost me £650 though!

If I get a decent offer I will sell.

Could I just enquire why you need a freezer? Unless it’s for ice-cream or something, anything frozen that you put in a fridge will take a day to thaw out, and will be perfectly safe just being refrigerated for the rest of the week.

I used to put ice cream in it, brilliant.

Anything frozen will defrost in a microwave, simple.

You need it to keep the severed head of the last prostitute you murder in

You had to lower the tone Mr R.

Waeco is the way to go… mine was bout £140 kept my stuff down to 1c all thro summer. most normal cool boxes only goto 4c ish.