Best and woest job you have done/place you've worked

As it says which previous or current job did you enjoy the most and which was the worst
Mine best job for many reasons was driving a volumetric concrete mixer for a one man band, money was good I got to use the workshop for my vechicles, cheap diesel, wheelbarrowing concrete all day kept me very fit, and sometimes I got upto £45 a day in tips

Worst job funnily enough was doin the same job but for a different company, crap pay, badly organized, poorly maintained kit, no tips, working with jam rolls although I did get on with a few, wages always wrong, loads of lads up the gaffers arris snm

Wow a quadruple post :open_mouth: :smiley:

I love what I’m doing at the mo, but it’s gone a tad quiet. I enjoyed working for a Devon based haulier on Euro van work. But I screwed that one up! :cry:

Don’t know how that happened

Sorry for going o/t
Been I sent u e mail just wondering did u get. It mate