Best Aluminium wheel cleaner

Any suggestions ,body acid ? The wheels haven’t been clean for years the inside ones will take some cleaning up ,I’ve used a few cleaners in the past but need a strong one this time prior to polishing the wheels up .

You’ll find Peek metal polish on the same page at the right price too, nice people to deal with and their range of both vehicle and workplace cleaning products is vast.

By the way those trigger sprays further down the page @ £1.36 apiece work really well and for longer than 5 minutes like some do.

Depends how grave the alloys are , in the past I did manage to polish up a set of Alcoas . Start with a neat TFr /alloy cleaner then go mad with your steam clean … Once all is dry , I found brasso to be a good polish , more costic than peek etc … It worked for me . In time ( a lot of ) the finish came up sweet as a nut …

Thanks for the replys so far,the wheels are quite good on the out side but need work on the inside and seeing as I’ve blasted this lorry as in full strip down and repaint I thought I’d make the effort to smart the wheels up both sides .