Been let go because I'm a newbie. Gutted!

So I get a call from the agency while I was on my way back to the yard and basically get told I can’t come back next week. (Big multinational company) Since one of the experienced class 1 drivers had caused over 100 grands worth of damage, so all drivers with less than 2 years experience can’t work there anymore because they aren’t covered by drivers neg insurance through the agency. I’m just gutted as I don’t want to leave as I got on with everybody there and I loved the job :frowning:

How long was you working there,
No chance of you asking someone for a full time job rather than agency?
Seems strange tho, going off that info the agency can never take on new drivers ever again, and I know they love to put new drivers anywhere they can.


Only a few months really, none of the drivers were full time so probably not. Yeah it seems they will only have drivers with the 2 years experience which is annoying because they know what I am like.

2 years or not anyone can have an accident.

Seems very harsh to suddenly blow everyone off because of one persons accidents.
Then again that’s the bloody sucking leeches that are agency’s for you.

God I hate leeches!

Not worth having a chat with manager to see if a few things can be pulled to get you in the full time?

I’m sorry for you mate seems a big shame

Don’t cry young Padawan, as I fear you are confusing you losing your job, with the agency losing the contract! :smiley:
Or they probably will very soon… :laughing:

Basically it’s the agency that’s screwed with regard to that contract, and you have to appreciate that they are not going to say to you that you should go sign up with another agency that supplies that company. Yes they can possibly claim that as they’ve placed you there, you can’t go back to that firm within 6 months through another agency. But as they are the ones that can no longer facilitate that, I really wouldn’t worry about that point! :laughing:

My advice would be to stroll in a little later Monday morning and have a chat with the powers that be, and find out what other leeches supply the firm. (Make sure you leave with the phone numbers/email addresses, as you’ll need these for references and if things change later down the line. :wink:) It’s unlikely to be a single agency contract, and if it currently is, again I can’t see that lasting considering their hands are now tied. Even when they are single agency contracts, you’ll be surprised how many times work/limpers gets subbed in from other agencies as that one can’t meet the needs/demands of the client.

So resign yourself with having a few days or a week off, and get limping around all the other agencies in your area. Your current one is no good to you anymore, as their insurance is likely to affect most of their contracts… At the same time also look for proper jobs, but you’re likely to be working again quicker limping…

Best of luck! :smiley:

Varies from agency to agency I have found. You shouldn’t be so gutted. First job I had with a large company didn’t involve driving… as they couldn’t arrange for the instructor (from another depot) to come down and give me a driving assessment. This went on for six weeks and then tried to give me a disciplinary in the porter’s job I’d been dumped into. I didn’t attend as I had an interview at another company!

That firm turned out not to be so good. Poor pay and I had 35 drops a day to do - 7.5T multidrop. I had to work like mad… if I managed to get round I got a few extra the next day! Then told no longer required when I couldn’t do all deliveries.

It happens - move on… but what you don’t want is any bumps - don’t be rushed in manoeuvring take your time. As far as a reference is concerned you don’t want a record of rear shunts. If someone doesn’t like you that’s their problem.