Bedford km pre 1975

My father in law is desperately looking for a pre 1975 Bedford km, we have searched everywhere, found one and went to buy but it wasn’t what it said it was. If anyone has any information on where to look or know anyone that has one the help will be much appreciated. Willing to travel and transport is no problem. You can call me on 07584146591 or email Thanks a lot :smiley:

have you tried the classic commercial mags-KM’s appear in the classifieds quite often(as long as you’re not after a tractor unit-rare as hens teeth unfortunately)
try car and they always have a few bedfords for sale.quite a few are in malta though(there is an early KM on there , fitted with a leyland 680 engine and six speed box!! for £5000) at least the maltese ones wont be rusty!!