Becoming an instructor

I tried a search to find out if this has been discussed before, but got thousands of replies on training to be a driver instead, so sorry if this has been done before…

I am curious about becoming an HGV driving instructor. Can any of you advise me on the ins and outs of training, getting work and all the inevitable pitfalls.

I looked into becoming a car driving instructor and wouldn’t touch it with yours, but can’t find much info on HGVs.

So can you guys help? Is it worth going into?

Hi mate, best advice I could give you would be to contact a couple of local training schools to see if they have any job vacancies, and then got out and shadow one of their instructors for a couple of weeks, thats the way a lot of the lads who started doing it when I was doing it got into it. Personally I wouldnt bother with the DSA register, but thats upto you, it never stopped me getting any work by not being registered. I was quite lucky that I inherited a training school with 25 years worth of reputation, off my dad, when he retired. I did the job for just over 4 years, and got completely and utterly fed up with it, and sold up. You could buy your own trucks and start up yourself, but that depends on how many people are doing it in your area. Anyway best of luck mate hope this helps.

How I became LGV instructor

Thanks guys.

ROG, the post you linked to was very helpful. Thankyou.