Beaconsfield M.S.A M 40 parking tips

If the main truck park is full do not despair and drive out.
The attendant said it is ok to park in the coach park to the right of the coach park but leave room for four coaches.
There is space for two or three trucks on the kerb at the rear of the coach park.
If in a small truck you may get in to the left of the new hotel.
There is a lake at the back with a path for dog walkers.
To the right of the food hall at the back there is space to park even for artics.
And more space on the slip road to the Lgv fuel pumps.
Parking is not cheap at £25 per 12 hours.No meal vouchers.
The foreign trucks are told to leave if show no ticket.
Mc’ds is 24 hours.

Cheers, I hate it when I get to a service area and realise I’ve completely forgotten how to use one.

:smiley: :smiley:

£25 to park :open_mouth: how the hell does it get full ?

Full up every night and foreign drivers queing to pay on the DKV card.