Got a chance of getting set on with BCA doing car transporters.

Genuinely never even thought of it before so don’t know what to expect. I know the money is decent and I get the general gist of it being a job transporting cars lol but what about the rest? Anyone with any inside info?

Most operators will give you full training.

If its anything like it was when I applied to Paragon a few years back its a basic salary then a payment per car shifted. I decided against by the way, didn’t think I could be comfortable in one of those low roof Scanias. But I understand that its a great job in the summer, once you have got up to speed on the big-boys-tetris game that is loading an 11+, and a bit miserable during the winter.

Oh and there is nothing, nothing at all in this industry more sphincter clenchingly terrifying than the first time you reverse a car onto the peak. Squeeky bum time.

Not a job for everyone but if you are suited to it then you will love it.

People said I should have gone for it when I passed my class 1 as I’d done plant…

Er, no. I don’t like heights for a start… :blush:

And you can throw as much money at me, but them low cabs look so cramped, it makes you wonder how people night out in them…■■?

It’s a good place to learn the job whilst making the inevitable expensive mistakes involved in learning the job. When experienced there are better places to work.

Worst job you will have for 6 months but after that money is good. It does get easier every week but be prepared for some awful days. Best time to start is spring/summer as you wont then be taking 4 hours to load in the freezing cold wind and rain. Good luck and enjoy.