BBMF Lancaster Bomber at Peterborough

On Sunday.

Does anyone know if it’s due to fly over the showground?

As a member of the Lancaster association,I really should know,but I’ve only just found out.


Not sure Quinny but hope so. If not keep a eye out my for my ssc daf as it a painting on the side of a lancaster :smiley:

Will do Graham,and if your about,I’ll pop by for a chat.

The same question has been asked on an avaiation site,and I could phone ops control at Coningsby, (As they are in charge of a flypast I’ve organised in July. :smiley: ) but I don’t like to pester.

If anyone at the showground is reading this,and can ask the question,would they be so kind as to find out,and post on here?


The display dates show that the Lanc is displaying at Peterborough on its way to Stowmarket so I can only assume it’ll be over the Showground, cant think of anything else going on in Peterborough this weekend??
Hope this helps.


My next sighting of it will be at RIAT in July,can’t wait,i just love the sound of those 4 merlin’s and imagining what it was like over Germany in the war,breathtaking!!


The RIAT dates are 12/13th July,and if you check out the flypasts of the Lancaster on the 13th,you’ll see that second to last on that day,is Blyton airfield near Gainsborough.

This particular Lanc flypast,has been arranged by yours truly. :smiley:


Just found out.

Lancaster due at Peterborough at 1500 hours.


Hope you enjoy the flypast on sunday, he did a good show for us all. Hope you saw my truck as well with the lanc on?? Will get photos on ere soon for you all to see.

Graham: I saw your motor at TF, and I have seen the various motors of your firm there over many years. A question. Why do they all have the same Lancaster depicted in the artwork - PH+E is it, from 12 Squadron which was based at Wickenby during the war? Did your Gaffer fly on Lancs of that squadron from Wickenby?


Yes you are nearly right its PH+A (JB748)not PH+E. Its was from the 12 Squadron and yes from Wickenby. Its my dads trucks we only a family firm with 3 trucks. Mines the DAF you saw at the show. My dad was in the RAF but after the war based at Scampton. PH+A is his initials of is name thats why its the same lancaster on all the trucks. I will get some pics up soon when im abit better as on tuesday after TF was in hospital for a op(galstones and galbladder removed) so of work for afew weeks now.