BAS trucks Netherlands

Anyone had dealings with BAS trucks Netherlands?Was looking to change to a maybe 1 or 2 year old FH16 but they seem to offer really good deals on new pre registered ones and its looking a more viable proposition to go for a new FH4 16 at 700hp rather than an older model at 660.The price quoted is way lower than any deal i can currently get in Spain.
Any feedback on this company appreciated…

My ex boss up here in Lappland was talking to them a couple of months ago in negotiation for a mining tipper.I was helping him as i speak Dutch.They seemed ok and the deals were quite good.Maybe go on a Dutch truck site to ask if any of the locals have more info.O bviously the best is to take a trip there and talk to them face to face,plus you see Close up the sort of things that are on offer.Flights are to Amsterdam,Rotterdam and maybe Eindhoven[it’s only a few kms from Eindhoven].

Decent family owned business, been for years in business.
Good deals to get, lot of second hand, very knowledgeable on export to anywhere in the world.
Always lot of quick changing stock.
30 minutes or less from Eindhoven airport, 1.5 hr from Shiphol(Amsterdam)
They have been a Volvo dealer for donkey years, the old man Van Heertum sold many of Volvo Titan, and anything what came after that.

Thanks for that guys. This is the sort of recommendations i was looking for, will definitely get myself there.
Cheers :wink:

Well, put in a spec, Fh16 700, long wheelbase 4.2m 4x2, standard height cab with std interior, Alcoas, steel front suspension, air rear, low fifth wheel, rear arches with removable tops, side deflector kit, 1400litre tank capacity. Will see what BAS quotes compared to the local Spanish dealer…

Just as an aside they’ve got some good films on u tube regarding their export to South America, looks a very professional outfit as to be expected with the Dutch.