Ballinalard Transport

U got to respect them ppl say I wouldn’t do it look where they come from and say that

Someone wrote on here the other day that they are all 100% legal and do a lot of Scandanavia
(yes i do realise the original post is 2 yrs old)

I looked into working for them back in the summer, I heard it was 3 weeks on and a week off but wouldn’t be 100% sure, I’ve seen a few of their Globetrotters when I’ve been heading to or from the ferry in Dublin. They phoned me up, said it was Europe/ Scandinavian work but I’d already had a start elsewhere, don’t know what they’re like to work for, I’ve never spoke or met any drivers on there.

They desperately looking for Welsh and English drivers so are nolans but I heard there 100%legal i been told tthey got no choice and paying more to us the polish weather true I don’t now

Can anyone tel me what these r like these dayz

Does anybody have any details on this Company ie wages - hours - kit they use and if they take on English Based drivers?
Thanks all :laughing:

Does anybody have any details on this Company ie wages - hours - kit they use and if they take on English Based drivers?
Thanks all :laughing:

If you do advanced search on Ballinalard you will find wot your looking for

What is your knowledge of Eastern European languages like and have you got a good pair of

RTE news did an investigation into Irish road haulage and this company were the prime focus of it … _embedded#!

thats the vid Mat, dunno how companies like that can still be in business. Shut them down !

Been cut up by them a couple of times on the A34-probably carrying 20tonnes of steel under 20tonnes of meat :laughing: :laughing: Typical mad paddy firm.

Paddy firm driven by tinkers from LT, BG, RO & PL… I wouldnt associate the drivers with being Irish…

Just a tater for you but 1 of the thing’s with Ballinalard is the driver does’nt get paid unless he drive’s more than 3 hour’s/day. :open_mouth: And they have Irish and British driver’s.A sign of the time’s we live in unfortunately.

They seem to have the odd truck and/or trailer parked up at the old Little Chef in Backford, near Chester - not sure if that means they use British-based drivers, or whether it’s just used as a trunking/changeover point though

It seems that they are now shying away from our eastern european cousins due to the costs of all the damage done. The irish have always pushed hard no matter what nationality is behind the wheel it’s just that now they are coming to realise that maybe cheapest isn’t always best.

It always amazes me that so many are straight up to slag the irish and dutch for using cheaper labour and running hard. They’ve always been the masters of it. It’s just that 15-20 years ago it was the brits running night and day for less money than the locals.

Now retreating to the cupboard under the stairs with my tin hat perched firmly on my head.