Bad evening

Not having much fun tonight guys,

Heard the A1 above Leeds was shut so did my best to get round it, it’s cost me a good hour and a half but hey-ho.

Got flashed doing 50 in a 40, not expecting any sympathy but any ideas what the chances of getting away with it are? Was a quiet back road just before a village in ■■■■■■■■ Is it still £60 and 3pts or is it different for hgv’s?

Finaly got back on track but nowhere to stop for a break so have also picked up an infringement, starting to wish I’d stayed at home!

You have my sympathy.

Have had days, the odd week and even a year like that :cry: just have to get through it and know that it’ll pass, sort out the mess and reboot :grimacing:

thats what used to ■■■■ me off with that job,the fact your on salary[gar 10 hrs],i rember getting my self wound up when it took me 2 mins longer than normal to get to donnington,now i just dont care,the longer the detour the better,i even listen to sally and see if theres a delay near me :wink:

Sorry mate ■■■■ happens.

If its any help, I’ve been flashed by cameras and nothing came of it, you just have to wait the next two weeks out to see what happens.

Good luck!

some areas of the uk you get the choice of paying the fine, and going on a road saftey course, that way no points. but depends on the local area road saftey partnership scheme. you might be lucky tho, and not hear a thing.

Cheers fellas, though I didn’t expect any sympathy I do feel better for getting some (sympathy that is), Im not worried about pay/hours, I just do my best to be home asap (to me, there’s more to life than money). I could see my self imposed detour was a mistake though and was trying to lessen the damage DOH!

I’ll do the course if possible though, don’t really wanna spoil my clean license if I can help it. I’ll keep you posted.