Bad dad?

Think I may be the worlds worst dad, my son is going into the local training place this morning to sort out doing his C & C+E which I’ll put him through on the company. We have an Agri-contracting business but are idle from Oct-May so my driving has kept the cash flow ticking over while we got established, I’m handing the business over to him in a couple of years (just taken him into partnership) so working on the principle of ‘give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat every day’.

Pointed him in the direction of this place as I’ve learned a lot here, so he may sign up, if he does please be gentle :laughing:

Actually it is good to see a father investing time (and money) to give his children a better start in life. :wink:

Actually it is good to see a father investing time (and money) to give his children a better start in life. :wink:


My Dad beats you for that award.

He started a company with a partner when I was about 12 1972ish & I spent all my school holidays working for him, for pocket money. I started full time for him at 16 but we fell out 6 months later over some bonus payments & I offered him outside with a lump of 4 by 2.

I went back at 22 after calming down a bit. He based my wages on my outgoings plus a Fiver. (Thanks Dad)

He helped me a lot during my teens & early twenty’s eventually putting me through my class 3, tried cheaply at first by putting an old boy in the cab with me who just sat there enjoying the view, had to pay an instructor for a few days after I failed my test miserably by wiping out all the cones at Leighton Buzzard test station, no Double ‘d’ Clutch, just drove it like a car (lol). (Thanks Dad)

Then a couple of years later he employed a ‘Chancer’ & put him straight through his class 1 (we didn’t even have Artics) Mr Chancer said “Thanks very much” & promptly left.

He even paid a 7.5 ton driver £100 per week when he was paying me £97.50 a week for driving one if his Poxy 16 ton D Series Fords. (Thanks Dad)

I only stayed with his company on low wages because he promised to hand it down to me when he retired, but him & his partner ‘Shafted’ every penny out of it with dodgy deals & industry beating Final Salary Pensions while keeping our wages as low as possible (no minimum wage back then !) I saw the light at the end of the 80s, the company was in trouble so I left & doubled my wages over night (thanks Dad)

I ended up forking out a Grand for my own class 1 licence, early 90’s (Thanks Dad)

So a couple of quid ‘Invested’ now on the correct licences will be a big help for your Son later in life & don’t forget he’s an Employee/Partner in the business as well as your Son, so pay him right.

MV that happens so often in ‘family’ businesses and I can’t understand parents who treat their kids that way.

I had planned to hand the contracting business over to him this year (should actually make a profit this year) but after speaking to the accountant I’m taking him into partnership for a couple of years before I bow out. Any income from either of us driving will go straight into the company a he’ll draw a monthly amount from there.