Back in the land of the living

After spending the last 9 months on nightshift with John Pearce and doing the same ■■■■ night after night loading trailers and doing runouts and changeovers, Ive finally had enough and started with a different firm Tandem Transport and im back tramping and god ive missed it.

I havent been on the pc at all while i was on nights i just never seemed to find the time so we ended up unsubscribing our internet connection in a bid to save money.

The main problem with being on nights was the reduction in wages compared with tramping not to mention the added fuel costs travelling to and from work daily.
Ive worked it out that im now nearly £200 a week better off for changing jobs.

So anyway now im back in the land of the living hopefully i will be posting a little more frequently now but not tonight coz its getting a bit late now …

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Some serious catching up to be done there. :smiley:

Welcome back.