Back and Neck Supports

I hear more and more about drivers with back and neck problems, are there any lumbar supports I can recommend for in the cab? or a distributor in the industry of back and neck supports?

My scania seat is fitted with lumber supports I find sitting lower down gives me less back ache if your motor doesn’t have lumber supports in the seat try a rolled up towel.

Hiya…i know the old days was hard work with all the handball and rope and sheeting.
do you mabe think that drivers only attend the steeing wheel(not even changing gear)
that their body structure is changing.due to not doing any lifting and so on.
its not only driver’s its the whole lot of the human race in general.due to H&S.
i was watching tele the other day where it said in 50 years people would have longer
arms due to stretching to reach the key board. will it happen?? who knows.