Back again

Evening everyone haven’t been on for ages still doing removals and its been keeping me extremely busy. So far I have been down to Cornwall twice might not sound much for you trampers but when 90% of your work is local its nice to do abit of driving.

Well the job is going okay I am still enjoying it but that is because of the people I work with more than the job it self, I want to be driving I dont mind the hard work I have lost loads of weight and my arms, shoulders and chest havent been this big since I was going to the gym all the time a few years ago and when on a good crew you dont even notice that you are walking a marathon carrying a bloody washing machine all day lol. Its just I got my licence because I wanted to drive trucks and yes I am driving trucks but just not as much as I would like to some days I turn less then 10 clicks. Also the money is lets say slightly worse than poor, I am paid a day rate which on a long day works out less than minimum wage, there is a question for you is that legal?

At the end of the day though I am enjoying the job, yes it has its down sides which is why I am looking for another job but until one comes along at least I am working and keeping away from the rock and roll que because that is one avenue I will tr my hardest not to go down again. Plus money isnt everything right :question: :wink:

I’ve done a little bit of removals work and always found it to be one extreme or the other.

Good number - Easy access so you can park right outside,nice wide patio doors to take big objects through,dry sunny day,no steps. :smiley:

Bad number - Can’t park within 100yds,turns out to be a 5th floor flat,have to take wardrobes etc. apart to get through the narrow doors,■■■■■■■ down with rain,customer constantly looking over your shoulder telling you how you should be carrying things! :angry:

Tips were always pretty good though and i think employers know this so they think it’s ok to pay crap wages.

That is about right with the good day bad day thing I usually seam to kop for the bad days though but still all the lads I work with I get on great with them and have a brilliant laugh with them.

The tips can be good but they have certainly dried up over the last few weeks but I suppose it is that everyone is saving for christmas.