Back after a long time

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here to post, doubtlessly some of you will remember me and hello to the newbies :slight_smile:

What have I been up to for the last year and a bit? Well it’s a long story how it came about (and a boring one, so I won’t bore you for 2 pages lol) I ended up as a reach truck driver for stobarts boo hiss! But that has come to an abrupt end with nestles imminent withdrawal from the bardon site. Long story short I have been looking for another job and decided to go back to driving, I start a new job on Sunday night as a night shift driver delivering office supplies.

As it has been nearly a couple of years since I’ve seen a tacho, I’ve pretty much forgotten all that I once knew. I’ve refreshed most of my knowledge by watching YouTube vids, but if anyone can remind me how to display drive time/rest time it would be a huge help, what buttons to press etc (I don’t know the make/model of the tacho, I won’t see it till Sunday) and also, I know how to do a printout at the end of the shift, but how do I do extra printouts so I can hand one in and keep one for myself?

Many thanks for any replies :slight_smile: I wish you all well with your individual journeys.

Is it either the down arrow or ok to display drive time? And the same for rest? Memory seems to be coming back to me

Don’t need printouts unless something extraordinary has happened during the shift which requires explanation.

Good luck with it all, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

You say you’ve watched YouTube videos but have you watched these ones?
This guy’s usually pretty solid with his advice, though tbh I haven’t watched these particular videos myself.

Also here is an online Digi tachograph simulator that’s worth messing about with. … _adsl.html

Many thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile: enjoy the lovely sunny weekend :slight_smile: