Babcock International

Anyone ever heard of these
local agency in London has work with them doing some sort of police work I presume it recovery work but agency wont say to much about them only that position is full time on 30k a year.
Looking for info on all the usual

Google is your friend.

Worked for VT group before Babcock brought them out. Similar work collecting and delivering fire engines around the UK. Money was good, job was alright but bear in mind its a huge company and you will be a number to them etc. a few benefits - childcare etc

Google isn’t my friend here as it don’t tell me what the police contract consists of !

the police contract will be collecting and delving the police cars. also they do the breakdowns, many are jump start from flat battery’s where the old bill leave the MDT or lights going for too long. will also be for things like tyre / wheel changed etc

Thanks ril much appreciated had an idea that’s what it was