B&M depot Speke

Anyone worked for B&M depot at Speke? Are they ok to work for?

Erm, I haven’t heard good things but I think they’re renewing the tackle at the mo, I just think it’s tight stores & I think someone was saying the staff in the office talk to you like ■■■■■■ I may be wrong on the last, not the rest. Search them on here for more pertinent info if you like.

A girl in our office said her husband works there and is trying to get out, I get more money on class two and she said he averages 56 to the full 60 hours a week. Though they are due a pound an hour wage rise soon.

Pricey, I used to work for B & M’s out of Blackpool so this may be irrelevant but if it’s anything similar I’d steer well clear. As silver surfer has said they seem to be renewing the equipment at the moment but I still see the same trailers that used to regularly break down on us trundling down the road. In fact if we’d had a night where nothing broke down we’d had a good night! Being told to be in for 3 in the afternoon to tip Stafford and Coventry and still being sat there at 6 waiting for a double decker to come back in so they could load you. Double deckers where the tail lift didn’t draw level with the trailer floor so you had to pull your tripe out with the pallet trucks. Pallets that were loaded so heavily that you had trouble pulling them up the trailer and then, once you’d got them moving, they’d collapse under the weight anyway (then it’s all handball onto other pallets). Tipping in yards so tight that you had to disconnect the suzies, so you didn’t snap them, and jack knife it round on the shunt button to get out…and all this was after dealing with the demi-god in the office. Shall I go on… :smiley:

Speke may be different mate but B & M’s is still run by the same people so I doubt it…'kin orrible job :smiley:

Permanently advertising,thats all you need to know.

I noticed a subcontractor had been running out of Speke a couple of weeks ago, quiet a few trucks too.
I cant remember the name as I have been pickled for two weeks :blush:

I too have only worked at B&Ms in Blackpool… via agency…twice…i had to do it a second time to confirm how BAD it really was the first time!!

I would not work for them again as long as i have a hole in my bottom… :exclamation: