AUDI's CEO says fossil car demand will crash in 2026

He says it will make ICE expensive to manufacture. :scream: I thought they were going into F1?

" Döllner also said that AUDI has started standardizing components and will gradually leave combustion-powered vehicle segments. “Significantly reduced sales volumes for combustion engines” are expected as early as 2026, he said, meaning it will no longer be economically feasible to continue building such vehicles.

It should be interesting to see what happens to all the dealerships left with loads of negative equity returned PCP and lease stock.Or loads of buyers handing back the keys to the finance company of worthless 1 year old ICE cars.
Bearing in mind it’s obvious that manufacturers have no intention of, or any economic case for, maintaining product support for ICE vehicles.

Surely they’ll have to maintain some product support?
Parts that are dealer only? I agree though they’re really pushing the EV crap at us. I’ll never afford a brand new car anyway :laughing:

Audi along with VW, BMW & Mercedes are struggling in their joint ventures in China,

SAIC’s JV with VW & GM are planning on big job cuts.

BMW has just teamed up with India’s TATA to make SDV’s (software defined vehicles) as well as AUDI who have just invested $billions with Hyundai to make SDV technology. It’s becoming a tech race now & legacy auto are way behind the Chinese.

It’s no surprise legacy auto are looking more closely at their EV transition when CATL battery manufacturers have just announced their new Shenxing battery which has a 1 million mile 15-year warranty, “Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery.” The new LFP battery can add 248 miles (400 km) range in 10 minutes."

In January, CATL said it would reduce the cost of LFP battery cells per kWh by a whopping 50% by the middle of this year.
They launched the Shingnxing battery to primarily power commercial vehicles buses/trucks but they will be going into the new upcoming Tesla model Y. CATL launches new EV battery that will last 1 million miles, 15 yrs

It’s not companies it’s about customers.Also why would we want to do what’s good for an enemy state and ideology which is predictably all about the control of car use and travel.Bearing in mind ICE can run on alternative fuels although the agenda has nothing to do with any oil and gas fields being capped.

Firstly even without the political environment parts can only come from working production lines.
Or what’s been held in stock from previous production lines.When that stock is gone it’s gone.There is no way to replace it.Now added to by the intention of ruining that support out.
Which will create some reliance on dangerous unfit for purpose fake junk parts.Which either won’t fit and/or have nothing like the performance and durability of the original parts.
We’re literally seeing the deliberate commercial suicide of the automotive industry to force EVs onto a market that doesn’t want them.
Which leaves the obvious havoc caused by all this to the car finance sector with the inevitable effects on residual values.