Audi tt/hairdressers car

Yes/no,my opinion is it is( not that it seems to matter a lot), so are they,would you drive it,what’s similar,macho,and you’d not be embarrassed to drive,thought z4 but still a bit iffy,or are all soft tops a bit feminine
N.b won’t be my car,hers,but might have to pick it up from garage after service/ guarantee work etc :frowning:

Yes, I’d drive one, except for the fact that there are better soft tops out there. I love soft tops and - as I said in another thread - I’m always too busy enjoying myself to worry about what anyone else thinks. In the last few years I’ve had vehicles ranging from a 45 year old Land Rover to a Citroen Ami 6, from a 22 year old Daihatsu Fourtrak (which I’m still using) to a Citroen Dyane. My last car - and by far the most fun I’ve had on four wheels - was a Eunos Roadster, better known as a Mazda Mx-5. Yes, probably plenty of people who saw me driving it thought I was gay. Do I care? No. I’m on the lookout for another of those …

I’ve recently bought one a mk1 225 hardtop which i’ve had remapped up to 265/70 bhp. It goes like f— and sticks to the road like s— to a blanket! All sarky hairdresser comments seem to stop after being taken for a quick spin.

I miss my M3 Evo, It was only used in the summer months when you could fly along with the roof down, but as summer where we live only seem to last about 48hrs it worked out a very expensive toy so had to go. :frowning: