Audi a6 advice,,,

hi guys, can ne1 please help me with some problems i have been having. i recently bought an audi A6 2.5tdi avant (1999) from my father who has since bought another newer audi. i am having problems with the vehicles power, some time ago my father had a problem with this only it was allot worse than it was now and as far as iknow it was something needed cleaned or something caus eit was full of dirt.

the problem i am having is this, when you accelerate to take over it seems to be lacking in power, first gear is good, second gear is just ok, but when you go in to third gear it goes to 3.000 revs and then quickly stops for a split second and then goes again (allot of smoke from rear) and when it does go it is quite spluttery and defnitly is allot slower than it shoul be. fourth and fifth and sixth gear are brilliant, so the problem only seems to happen in 3rd… have you guys any idea what the problem could be… i wuld appreciate some help and would be very gratefull…

also is can anyone recomend someone that works on audis n the merseyside area as i cant really afford to pay audis prices… my car before this was a citroen xanta 1995 with 150.000 miles on the clock, it was cheap to run and parts were cheap. i had this car nearly four years and never had a minutes bother with it. i hope the audi is as good.

Just a guess but it could be the engine management system or the sender switch from the accelerator. You have to get a computer diognosis.Some of the private lads have them. Look on the net for spares once you know what you want.

Suggest you join and put a post on here mate,

i dont even wanna think what an audi garage in liverpool costs, i use to have a peugeot 406 and i left it in to a lad who works for him self, what a waste of time that was, i believe allot of the computers that the average mechanic has are not suppose to be that good,
i believe there is an audi/VW specialist in st helens, anyone ever heard of it…

thanks for your time harry

thanks chorcheela

i am trying this uk site but it is not very busy.


this might be worth a try too.


Drew :smiley:

Its not something to do with the turbo is it■■?

Give 'em a ring.

Servicing and repairs to all car makes, specialising in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda in Liverpool.
Address: 184 County Road, Walton, Liverpool, L4 5PH
Tel: 01515 211378

thanks for that harry, ill give them a bell…

much appreciated

i phoned that garage you give me the details to harry.

they charge £30 an hour, quite cheap that. maybe to cheap… if ya know what i mean.
i know i said an audi garage would be very expensive, but 30 quid seems a bit to cheap. i didnt think garages worked for that kina money anymore.

My mate has an A4 1.9Tdi .

I remember he had similar symptoms and it turned out to be a breather hose had hardened on the inside and cracked. He ended up replacing all the breather hoses wich are not cheap but better than the price of a new turbo.
I’ll ask him tomorrow and let you know what he checked for.



Thats £30 plus VAT , I suppose. I use an independent Merc garage . Just two guys in a lock-up. They have saved me a fortune. I get used spares off the net. Before , the main dealer turned me over royally. He was only interested in servicing new cars under warranty… And they charged about £100 @hour. So you cannot judge a garage by how little or how much they charge…Get yourself on a Audi forum. That way you can askf or the best guy in your area…

I agree with Harry.
I use an independent SAAB garage for the very same reasons.
When you find a good one stick with them 'cause they make owning the car a viable long term proposition.

Hopefully someone on the forums can recommend a good one near you.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Just spoke to my pal and he reckons the airflow meter is high on the list of suspects.
There is a small modlue you can change independantly and costs about £70. This saves you from having to change the whole airflow meter.

He test drove an A6 2.5 and it was gutless 'cause of this problem.

I would get it checked first though.