How can i add a attachment or file in main message body. i dont seem to have that facillity showing.

ok mate if we are talking email here it’s easy, i’m guessing we mean apicture click on the write new message the click on insert, the choose picture, text file for text it should open a browse box you then locate the item and click on it and job is done pm me if you need any more help this is done using outlook express 6 if you are using something else i’ll have to check it out

is it me cos i dont see “write new message” anywhere whilst im typing this. thanks for reply anyway.

If you mean in the messages on here, you can’t attach a file as such, although you could link to a file to download, but you can insert a picture.

The picture needs to be hosted on the web somewhere, such as Photobucket,, Imagecave or any of the online picture hosting places. That will then give you a url for the picture and you insert it into your post by enclosing the url in image tags. Image tags look like this

[img] [/img]

The one without the forward ■■■■■ goes at the beginning of the url and the one with at the end.

Thanks for the replies, i was gonna post latest speed cams for tom tom but seems i cant. no worries

If they are already online you could post a link to them?

sorry they are on my computer someone sent the file to me via email

The easiest way would be to put the file on a file sharing site such as Rapidshare and post the Rapidshare link to the file.

Link removed at the request of the owner of the copyrighted material. K

there you go then for tom tom speed cams for may.(hope it works)
thanks tachograph for advice

didnt realise it was copywrited due to the fact you can download it from the internet. sorry if i posted wrong