At the auction now(tues), why do scanias fetch so much?

What is it I don’t know about scanias and why they fetch so much dollar? 2003 r124 420 6x2 £12200? How is this poss?
Scania r420 6x2 2007 bids reach 14350, not sold
Please help me out guys?

Presumably because they can go round the clock a couple of times if looked after and still be reliable, plus they’re expensive to buy in the first place. Try getting 2m km out of a Stralis or TGX. Every week in Commercial Motor there are pre-2000 Scania units for sale - but not so many/any Ivecos or other ‘lesser’ makes of such a vintage.

Export demand may also come into it.

It’s quite simple … If your prepared to pay x amount for something you’ll pay to have it …
Parts availability fitting and wear factors come into play… much like buying a car why buy a Lada when you can have (insert car of your choice ) :wink:

The last 420 i drove, manual box, had well over a million kms on the clock, was better on fuel pulled better and drove better than the 440 autos that replaced them, the only thing it really needed was a new gear linkage, once that was done (well worth expense) the vehicle was back to excellent running order, few if any electrical probs.

Better on fuel, by around 1mpg, than the equivalent FM 420.

Not as simple as a 3 series but has proved durable and reliable in hard use, they break a front cab mounting now and again but no big deal really, compare to the countless problems some other makes give its no wonder they hold their value.

The 2003-registered Scania will be exported to Africa or the Middle East; it has a Euro-3 engine and mostly likely a manual box. There are not so many left and exporters bid strongly on them forcing up its value.

The 2007-registered Scania is most likely Euro-4 with additional engine management that workshops in overseas countries who like to buy older UK trucks won’t have the tooling or infrastructure to maintain it. Plus it’ll be too old for another round of domestic abuse on the British motorway network.

Hope this helps…

because people will pay the money

then, there are others with more common sense and not buy them, as they are overpriced enough as it is

they are not worth the extra money for them these days, they are not as good as they once were, and Scania are still living on past glories that the 143 brought them