Assessment in Scania 480

I will be doing my C+E assessment in a Scania 480 I think it’s a 61 plate. Having never been in a Scania before have you any tips for me? Did my learning and test in an old DAF!

Any help would be great it’s my first job assessment and if I don’t screw up I’ve been told I’m in. :neutral_face:

Be straight with them from the start. Explain you’ve never driven a Scania and are un-sure of the controls. I’m sure they’ll run through them. Then try to relax and enjoy.

GOOD LUCK :smiley:

Will probably have the Opticruise box. Controls are on the right stalk. Switch forward for drive. Push in and turn back for reverse. If loaded and on a hill knock the stalk down to get into the crawler gears.

And don’t forget the clutch when you stop :grimacing:

Thanks terry esp that last bit :grimacing: