Hi all has anyone ever worked or work for asda (normanton) or any other depot.I was gonna apply for normanton which is nearest to me but thought id ask on here what the pay rates are and whats the job itself like.Cheers :smiley:

I was going to go on for them at the weekend thru an agency but moved house and the journey would be too far. Got a lot of help from a lad on here and the agency seemed really good. PM me and I will did out what info I have. No actual experience of the work

My son works for them out of Washington and says they are a good crowd to work for, Pay if I think rightly is around £7.50 an hour for Dayshift but there’s loads of add on’s as well.

They are well looked after, if they have to night out or get rescued for running out of time they get the following shift off on full pay.

Then there are overtime hours that are banked or something like that, he ended up with a good couple of weeks extra holidays throughout the year

And then dont forget the 10% discount card to use in all Asda stores Lol

Overall he enjoys it despite a 3am start Lol

I’ve done quite a lot of agency in ASDA Normanton. It was my first choice of places to work and always tried to steer the agency to send me there rather than any of the other ‘usual’ places.

Work was easy, tackle was decent enough, sometimes a fair old wait for a run but it was fine by me (still getting paid for drinking brews!), clear directions to the drop provided, always seemed to get max hours per shift (which is what I wanted), any vehicle faults sorted straight away or vehicle changed, etc. All good really.

I preferred to work out of the chill but any of it (there’s 5 sites in one area) is okay. The full timers I spoke with never had any complaints (although one bloke did complain that the work was that easy he’d got fat since working there!! LOL).

If I had of being moving back to that area it would have been one of my first ports of call for work. :sunglasses: