Artic Embedded Into the Bank M40 Junc 3 North

saw this today, its very, very well camoflaged! they really went for it getting it that far up the bank and into the trees, has already been coned off and stuff with works exit signs

cab looks a right mess though, must have been an unpleasant experience

It may well have been there a while, as it is bedded in far enough to not notice at a cursory glance. It’s just beyond the one way junction 3, just after the flyover

just wondering if anyone else had seen it, knew about it? or what they thought?

Yep,i saw that today too! Didnt look pretty at all and like you said,the cab looked obliterated :open_mouth: i havent been up that way for a week or 2,so i havent a clue how long its been there.i noticed it was a Gefco trailer,i hope the driver is ok.

i think the traction was Warberer on acconut the unit being yellow happened before 0500 this morning