Are you liking the new site?

It’ll take a short while to find my way around the new layout but, I’m liking the new dark mode, it’s easier on the eyes.

No, and what dark mode ?

It’ll take a bit of time to get used to the new format but I’m liking it, Cant remember how I did the dark mode but this is a screenshot.

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Click on your icon top right. Scroll down to the headnshoulders. Click preferences and look for the small screen icon near right on lower range. It`s in there.

I have dark mode activated permanently on my phone. :+1:

Yep I use dark mode on my phone and pc and tablet globally, dark mode users less power and it’s just easier on the eyes than white backgrounds.

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its so funny,i recall last yr somebod saying weve got the pros in on this .The stuff of nonsense .One good feature however is you can click hold on someones profile and see their face real time long as theyv a cam that is . Im also on Aquarium co-op forum and i use that feature there too to live talk only if they dont click go you see them but cant hear their voice

Not impressed so far.

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Nope, ■■■■■■■ horrible.

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Normally I prefer Dark Mode for browsing, but “New TN” is confusing enough without having it all in black.

Someone should have told DVV Media (the owners) that truck drivers do not respond well to change; eleven years after changes came in, most drivers still say “Class 1” instead of “C+E” and “VOSA” (or Vosser) instead of “DVSA”.

Spare a thought for the Mods, who would have had no control over the platform migration, and who have to deal with the fallout.
My biggest current gripe is the “preferences” icon that sits on top of the “reply” button :roll_eyes:

Stop being stick in the muds and embrace change and learn something new guys.

Every day is a learning day no matter how old you are, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. It might not be plain sailing etc but I’m sure if anyone wants help some of us could put some tutorials together to help others on how to navigate this strange unusual land you now find yourself in!


Come on guys be the change for once instead of being stuck in the past.

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Nope don’t like it find it hard to navigate
1 of the threads I wanted to read had to go back to 2011 then scroll down to date I gave up

What then should also have looked at that some users on here didn’t grow up with computers I hardly use 1 when at school last year we did get a few BBC A computers in but only the boys could go use them

They ( DVV Media ) should have asked there grandparents if they could use this site see what they thought as most drivers don’t have a computer degree

not a problem with the dark mode as that is what I have my laptop set at

I am struggling to find some post etc so will be staying away

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I’m assuming Simcor has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he wrote that.

And there’s a big point, where’s the ability to quote an OP in a reply? I can’t see it.

Also, I had a notification from Lancpudn appear on my screen, but it’s not visible in either my messages or DMs (AFAICS). But to answer the question, can’t really say I “like” it, but I’m prepared to persevere.

Like that?
Click reply at lower right to get the poster you are replying to shown, as you already have. Then click chain/link icon at base of the post you want to quote. Code apperas on left and text on the RH screen you will post.

OK, tried the chain link icon, lest see what happens…

either that or the speech bubble then i assume you would get the whole lot rather than a link and your reply

Ah! Yes. Speech bubble works fine

Choice of ways then. Speech bubble is easier.

the new site ? absolute garbage, bye bye

Yes partly tongue in cheek and also partly true. People especially as they get older do not like change and kick up a massive fuss. Half of them do as they say they will and half don’t and carry on a get to grips with things and just keep moaning.

There may be small tweaks that can be done in time to makes things a bit better, but expecting then to change it all because some people don’t like it is a bit much, you can’t please all the people all the time especially on forums.