Are you boys interested?

For a number of reasons I’m having a mass clear out of the various trucking bits I’ve accumulated over the last 36 years.

I’ve got the following books for sale, all in clean condition.

Trucks In Camera, AEC, SW Stevens-Stratten
Trucks In Camera, Scammell, John Reed
World Trucks, Scammell, Pat Kennett
Trucks of the World Highways, Arthur Ingram
Highway Heavy Metal, Martin Phippard
Mammoth Trucks, Bob Tuck
Classic Hauliers2, Bob Tuck
Road Transport Heritage Vol2, Bob Tuck
Bedford GM’s British Commercial, Michael Sedgwick

I would like a fiver (£5) each for them, you can barely buy a mag for that these days.

Send me a PM if you are interested in one or all of them.
You can collect from PE19 or if you want them posted that will obviously be at extra cost.

Have a look, sadly there will be more to come!

The AEC and Scammell Trucks in Camera books are now sold.

Any offers for the remaining, otherwise they will be into the recycling at the weekend.

Ill drop you a PM about these 2:
Classic Hauliers2, Bob Tuck
Road Transport Heritage Vol2, Bob Tuck

Why recycle them sell them for 2 quid. i have a stack of car books i was offered £1 50 each turned it down
i now wish i,d taken the money.

Good work chaps, all are now sold STC, EXCEPT the Scammell, World Trucks book by the late great Pat Kennett and the Bedford book by Michael Sedgwick.

Can somebody find a space for them on their shelf?

I know its a bit off topic but I also have a number of Land & Range Rover books for sale.

Is anybody likely to be interested and I will post up a list?