Are there any jobs?

Hi all,

After being made redundant last week, I’m wondering if there are any driving jobs out there at all. I don’t know if it’s the same in your neck of the woods, but here in Nottinghamshire it’s DEAD.

If anyone knows of anything I would appreciate you letting me know. I know I’m not alone and there is a long queue in front of me judging by the post in the vacancies forum.

Surely someone has something womewhere!!!

It’s so frustrating sat at home, wanting work.

I think it’s pretty grim everywhere.
Good luck mate

Its certainly grim round this way.

Its grim in Carlisle,nowt here either.
Went to Warrington for an interview yesterday and there was a bloke from Redruth there.
Its not just grim up North anymore,its grim everywhere.

There’s nothing here for driving so i have applied for a company doing lawn care :laughing:

Boots have an NDC in Nottingham that they run deckers out of, you could try there.

grim in gloucestershire
job day in local rag today NOTHING

Grim in the North West as well mate.
Went to work on Monday night was given a letter and told to go home…redundant. :frowning:
Trouble is now I have no excuse for not doing jobs around the house :smiley:

The problem now is that it is difficult to compete with those who are working here on a temporary basis, in multi-occupancy accommodation and working for minimum wage. Whilst this was going on a couple of years ago the thriving economy tended to disguise it. However, the economic collapse has seen it exposed, as British drivers lose their jobs and find it impossible to compete on a level playing field.

I must point out before I am jumped upon that this is not a post to denigrate foreigners, as they are simply taking advantage of EU regulations and the indulgence of the UK government, it is merely pointing out an unfortunate fact of modern life in the transport industry.

Yesterday,I was even going to apply for a couple of parcel sorting jobs,on the Jobcentre website,paying the minimum wage :blush: ,not for the money (yet !),but just to get out of the bloody house :unamused: ,but whilst I was taking the details,the jobs closed before my eyes :imp: .If you can’t even get muppet jobs,then we’re doomed :cry:

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yep same here made redundant monday , told me they will pay me till fri and they will ring me . dont hold up much hope. spent last three days ringing and calling on people all thats happened is a petrol bill of £50 and phone ear syndrome there is nothing even applied to sweep streets but guy said the position was filled but we will never know. have signed on going to job centre next wednesday for the interview then going to buy a hang mans noose its grim