Archbolds logistics

Greetings all has anyone worked for them recently?..say in the last 12 months…thinking of applying for a European job but need to know a few deets such as is it weekly or monthly pay structure…also wondering if the Italian work is mega-multi drop?this type of stuff.
Thanks in advance.

I do stand to be corrected but I thought they just used o/d’s on euro work.

when i was there a while back the euro stuf was done by od’s or subbed out :sunglasses:

thought you’d just got a new euro job manalishi?
you were asking about ferry breaks and the hull boat? hope its not gone ■■■■ up already

when i was there a while back the euro stuf was done by od’s or subbed out :sunglasses:


When I worked for them, it was casual - as and when - ■■■■■■■■, worked my arse off for 4 days, got told not needed on 5th, ■■■■ like that, so I ■■■■■■ them off.

just struggling with a few small companies with varying degrees of success,but mainly failure.Was almost a shoe in for SMS of kent until they decided to relocate poland way.Don’t especially want to do Europe but finding the uk tramping scene untennable with regards to finding parking etc and accumulating too many infringments as a result of this.
wtf can you do when working for firms that specify only specific msa’s for parking and bollocking you via the gps for say staying in a quite industrial areas in order to get an undisturbed nights rest? can’t take anymore of the grief.

At least europe has plentiful parking opps and even reductions in food prices simply because they understand as a driver your’e a prisoner of the road network and can’t exactly pop into villages for a meal etc.The days of parting with 25 quid for gruel and disturbed sleep are hopefully coming to an end.

Last time i saw a snatchback unit from the firm i drove for a few years back, it was pulling an Archbolds trailer.
Silver Magnum L142 LDP.Anybody know where it ended its days ?