Anyone worked for Brakes?

Has anyone worked for brakes doing multi drop if so whats it like to work for ?

Has anyone worked for brakes doing multi drop if so whats it like to work for ?

much like co-op some store work some hotels some good some crap . just be ready to hand over your soul and do some hard work

My friend worked for them for nearly 12 months. It’s meant to be really, REALLY hard and demanding work, hence they offer 28k a year. Mostly it’s class 2 work, too, so they use the 28k as some kind if backward incentive for people NOT to obtain their class 1 licence and find work elsewhere.

Back when I first passed my class 2, I went for an assessment with them in Burtonwood. Told me to come back in 6 months when I had more experience, since then I got my class 1 and ADR, so I didn’t bother. Poor guy on the assessment looked worried for his life! It was literally the first truck I’d driven since passing my test, and my newbie status was obvious.

Anyway, good luck if you decide to go for it!

ok thanks :wink: might submit my cv and give it a go

Should a job being “hard work” really put a grown man off from applying■■?

Depends. What you class as hard work.

I got into this game because I like driving, not lugging stuff around. From what I was told about Brakes, 90% of your job is lifting cages, finding cages, loading/unloading cages, paperwork, etc, and you actually have a limited amount of driving.

I suppose it depends on what you’re wanting from your job. Some people welcome all the handballing, I don’t.

Like any multi-drop job delivering the company’s own product, you are basically unloading the entire truck load of that product by hand, hence a lot of physical work.
Some drops could be taking several cages off on a loading bay in a hospital and taking away the empty ones, and others could be barrowing the order two hundred meters down a street from the nearest loading bay and carrying 20kg products up stairs to a kitchen on the first floor. And everything you can imagine in between.

These jobs also involve going to places like hotels or nursing homes with driveways and car parks that were built when deliveries were made on horse and cart.

Some routes could be driving in to a city and spending the whole day doing 20 - 30 drops in a small area, others could be covering several hundred km with drops spread out across that.

So to sum up, it’s a job with varying amounts of actual driving, making deliveries on streets and in places with tight car parks, and a good bit of manual handling throughout the shift as well.

That’s not to say it’s a bad job, just as long as you aren’t expecting a job where you can just drive and open the doors.

A driver I know used to work for them and said it was hard graft, he had to pick/select every order case by case when he got to each place.
He now works for hovis and said it’s a lot easier work just roll off/roll on stacks.