Anyone used steve roberson exeter

Hi guys has anyone on here used steve Roberson in marsh barton Exeter as thinking of using him for my training.

Not used him personally, but he has been in business a long time over 20 years if I remember correctly, so he must be doing something right, never heard anyone running him down.

I used them for my class1 in 2012, Dave Robbins was my trainer.
I passed 1st time so he must of done something right…I couldnt fault the training,

I did my Class 2 with Steve Robertson in Plymouth. My instructor Brian was excellent and the truck was good. Both myself and my wife passed first time. I wanted to go onto my Class 1 with them, but they only offer it in Exeter which wasn’t convenient unfortunately.

Transplant master train in Exeter are a better out fit purely because they have on site reversing. Did c with Robertson and artic at transplant. Both have top instructors but having to trawl out to the race course to reverse means you are wasting half a day not driving in town. So you need to get it cracked first time. Transplant on the other hand let me reverse artic every morning before we officially started for the day. Much longer waiting list for transplant though

k thanks guys im now all booked with SRTS (steve Robertson) for my cat C course :smiley: