Anyone into motor sport?

Some of the drivers of yore must have had big ones.

I like the idea of classes by vehicle cost.
Very egalitarian.

Maybe even extend that into some motor sport today? Any mods you like within a budget.

Production car racing was far more interesting. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.

The idea of motor racing was a competition between machinery and car builders.The fact that a driver can drive was taken for granted.
It’s now lost its way so far in that regard as to be irrelevant.To the point where prima donna drivers now think it’s all about them and moan and whinge if anyone has a faster car.
Resulting in laughable ‘racing’ between cars fitted with restrictors and engine capacity limits and previously fast circuits turned into Go Kart tracks.
Targa Tasmania and Carrera Pan-Americana and Nevada Silver State Classic challenge are the last remaining bastions of anything like proper motor racing.

Some of the greatest cars ever made were created by Homologation rules for production racing.

Not really the drivers’ complaints, more the governing bodies trying to squeeze more money out of the business, by artificially creating close racing and all the results that come from that.
It is no longer a sport, it’s big business.