Anyone had any dealings with Snooper (Sat Nav repairs)

Hey all,

A quick one for anyone who has dealt with Performance Products After Sales Service recently.

Has anyone had any dealing with Snooper (Performance Products) with regards to getting gash nav’s repaired that are out of warranty.

I have had one sat at their workshop for 14 days tomorrow. When I initially contacted them about requiring a sat nav repair. I was told over the phone it would take upto 14 days from delivery reciept of said sat nav, to diagnose fault, contact me about necessary repairs and pay Snooper for said repair and then return the sat nav unit to me.

Needless to say after contacting them last night by email (you can never get through to them on the telephone). I received an email today stating they know what the fault is and the cost. After this they tried to delicately drop the subject of repair timings and stated they will need a further 14 days to carry out said repair! :unamused: :open_mouth:

Wouldn’t mind that the repair may take longer, if I had been told as soon as physically possible. But if it wasn’t for me sending that email last night, I bet I wouldn’t have heard from them for a little while longer?

Wonder if anyone has had similar experiences with them or even had a positive experience with them.

Currently I really appreciate my S2000N Truckmate for the weekend and using it during the week too (It’s nearly 5 years old now and has never let me down!). I’ve just found their current customer service standards are sadly quite lacking.

Thinking about how much they charge for said sat nav systems. I’d have thought they would want to be on the ball for After Sales experiences a) to get you to recommend them and b) to potentially buy a new one in years to come based on experience with Performance Products! :bulb: :neutral_face: