Anyone got the latest Vintage Roadscene magazine?

There’s a feature on Leyland lorries in the first part of the mag and a couple of nice colour pics of a Clydesdale brick wagon and a Boxer tipper in colour.
These pics were taken at Kays truck centre in Dove Holes around 1980 and would be most grateful if someone could spare the time to scan them and place them on here.

Many thanks in advance. :sunglasses:

Here you go BD are these the ones you wanted.


They’re the ones Stanny mate! :slight_smile: Knew I could rely on you! :laughing: :sunglasses:
Thanks mate. :wink:

Apparently it’s a two parter with the promise of more pics in the next issue.
I wonder if there will be any other pics from Dove Holes? Certainly hope so! :slight_smile: