Anyone got photos of the inside of a new daf cf?

Going back on trucks and heard the company is getting new daft cfs. never driven one. assuming it’ll be the as tronic auto ■■■■■ with a high roof. probaby mid spec what ever that version may be. Do we all like them? are they quiet on the mway? rapid for what they are? are my as tronic skills from the stralis ok for the daf version of it? constant live 12v 24v ■■■ socket feed for cool box? Good sound system? I could blare ■■■■ out of the sound system in the reno and it was awesome.

Thanks muchly for any input … -2009.aspx

Yea I seem them. Nice indeed, however I’m sure the run of the mill version looks much different than the blinged to the max brochure version. Thanks all the same

they arent much different to the old one Steve. same as the XF. the newer version is pretty much a rumour as far as the driver is concerned. the dials are the same, dashboard is pretty much the same, the seat is still a killer if you have a spine in your back. i wouldnt worry too much. DAFs are pretty easy to drive. the army bought a load so they cant be that complicated :smiling_imp:

I’ve recently been given an '09 Daf CF to drive. I’ll try and take some pics tonite. It’s a bog standard version with a high roof. It goes well, it’s got the same engine as the XF. Still got that bloody engine hump in the middle tho which gets on my nerves. It has a 24v and a 12v socket but only one of them is constantly live. Plenty of space in the lockers and the chairs not too bad.

this was posted 15 minutes after i left for work. i had a 56 plate CF on the first trunk. sods law :laughing:

Assume nothing when it comes to DAFs !
look at my posts about the ■■■■ up in our place !


Here you go, these are pics of my '09 cab.

Was a really pain swapping from a XF105 to the CF85 coz there was nowhere to store my 2ltr bottle. I had to go out and buy a 1.25ltr bottle instead. And I don’t like the engine hump either.

There’s no Air-Con in mine, which isn’t fun when it’s hot, and only the 24v socket is a constant live.

Plenty of room in the lockers. All I need now is a microwave to put in it :smiley: