Anybody use a satellite dish when tramping?

I am ■■■■■■■ sick to death of getting little it no digital signal via an aerial so might get one of those portable sat dishes in a case, are they any good?

They work fine.
You have to have a clear line of site to the sky or they wont get a signal.
They can take abit of setting up when your not used to them or dont know how to do it.
The sat dishes in a case arent bad, if they dont have a signal finder then you will need one. There quite a few satellites up there, at different elevations and they all have different things on.
Astra 2 is the one you want, the easiest way to set up the dish is get the pole its mounted on verticle. Set your elevation depending on where you are(if you dont get a chart they are online) and then point your dish east(make sure you have the sat finder in and your reciever is turned on)
Now turn the dish clockwise slowly and your signal will go up.
If you go past it then go back to east and start again.
Dont just wave the dish around and dont move it too fast or you will miss it, if you go past it you will loose some channels.
They are pretty simple really, and if you get yourself a decent set up you can go all over the UK with it, into France and other bits of Europe and get yourself a signal

Used one of those in the case for ages it came with a mount that clamped onto the mirror arm this is good cus you only get one arm wet when setting it up. The first time you try to set it up it will drive you nuts but after two or three goes you get the hang of it and can get it done in two or three minutes. I use an old sky box with a free view card, the sky box has a signal strength meter (services/system/meter).
When choosing a place to park up you need to be sure to have clear sight of the sky, look out for power lines ect.

I have the suitcase type and it works great. The hardest part is improvising a bracket to fit it to the truck quickly and simply. With practice you can be up and running in minutes with a perfect picture.

Where can you buy these and which is best?

Where can you buy these and which is best?

I just bought one on ebay for £51 comes with dish, cable, digi box, remote, g-clamp, suction mount, compass, lnb and car adapter. Will test it out next week when im off work and try and perfect my satellite finding skills lol

How did you get on Bubsy??

How did you get on Bubsy??

I can get it up and running in about 2 minutes now :grimacing:
Just gotta make sure I park the truck so that when i stick the dish in the roof it aint gonna get blocked by buildings or trees.
I just use the suction mount to stick it to the roof then use the compass to find south then slowly move the dish east until it finds the astra 28.2 satellite. The receiver has a built in signal meter so I use that, also just bought a pace javelin from fleabay, it is a 12v mini sky box.

If you drive into Ashford truckstop on a weekend, it looks like Jodrell Bank, there are drivers from all over the Eastern Bloc watching reruns of Mr Bean on Sovski TV. They seem geared up with a permanent fixture on the mirror arm or cab roof.

You can get satellite dish s from maplin

On a side note, with all the electrical eqiupment you use for “entertainment” purposes.
I was poking around following up ok a hunch about the sensitivity of modern appliances to potential fluctuations in power due to vehicle charging systems. I found several discussions on motorhome forums which recomend “voltage stabilisers”. In particular “Amperor” brand eBay item # 260661314977
Does anyone have any experience of using a “voltage stabiliser”■■?