Any Truck Shows this weekend?

I know its early in the year, Just wondering if there are any truck shows on in the North UK this weekend?


Don`t think so but got the commercial vehicle show at the nec on 15/17th April. But then truckfest (Peterborough) on 4/5th of May and the Llandudno transport festival 3/5th of may if any good for you?

I know er is a show this sunday by Leyland trucks in Leyland

if you interest :question:

I spotted a truck yesterday and wondered whether it was off to a show or if it was on a job. It looks as if it may well have been on a job (although no trailer)

These pics are what I got off the net

It is of Richard Britton a motorcycle star from ireland who sadly lost his life in 2005



That is stunning airbrush work. very impressive. Any more mate?

These are the only other pics I have. Stunning isn’t it



Never been one 4 airbrush work on cabs but that really floats my boat