Any one mind the t.v series TRUCKERS

am try get my hands on a tv series that was aired, late 80s, early 90s i think. It was again i think on ITV.
Was based on the every days running of a transport company.
They called the company “O’Neill Brothers” i think.
The guy that made it was Andrew Rosthorn.
So there is a very blarey canvase to work off any help greatly apprciated

the reason i want it, is that it was filmed and based on the activitys of a company Derry Bros, whom had a yard in Marshalls Cross near Liverpool.

Gairoid Derry

The only Truckers i can remember from the late 80’s involved a company called Pickard Freight Haul. From what i remember they had blue, white and red ERF’s amongst others. Cast list and other credits can be found here but not sure if you’ll be lucky enough to get hold of the series. Best of luck though.


i did have it on dvd that someone had copied but watching it know in 2007 it was really embrassing and crap. i think i got it off ezydriver on here but im not sure.

I wouldnt mind getting hold of some dvds/videos of truckers a few people have told me about it but im far too young to remember it im only 21yo :laughing:

it starred james hazledene from londons burning and the big irish fella in it was sharpes mate in sharpe with sean bean
the irish boys had merc sk,s and picard as someone has said ran erf,f and cowboy ran a white i think

didn’t i ask about this a couple of week’s back
anyhow if you have any look gettin hold of a copy lemme know where ya got it cos am after it maself :sunglasses:

If anyone can do me a copy of this DVD I would be much obliged. Obviously will pay for Disc / Postage and make it worth their while.


i would like a copy to my dad used to work for derrys :slight_smile:

ive been trying for ages to get a copy but no such luck :frowning:

try pming ezydriver, i think thats who i got my copies of. when you watch it it is really crap i had to turn it off.

flog me your copies then jessicas dad :wink:

flog me your copies then jessicas dad :wink:

sorry i already flogged them when i was selling destination doha on ebay.

by the way in not selling doha anymore.