Any ideas..................

I have a bit of a problem.

I drive an XF105… no that isn’t the problem, it’s not a bad truck. The problem is that I am getting a lot of problems with my right leg, my foot gets a bit numb most of the time I am driving. I can feel the pressure across the back of my thigh even with the seat tilted right forward.

Now I have quite bad arthritis, all of my joints are affected at one time or another especially my neck, lower back and hips.

I also have type 2 diabetes, controlled by pills, which can affect the cirulation.

I am not sure whether it is a problem with my circulation or with my sciatic nerve that is possibly being affected by my deteriorating joints which would cause numbness.

A couple of years ago when I worked for an agency and drove lots of different trucks the MANs I drove were great as the seat tilted so far forward that I was almost sliding out of the seat and that took all pressure of the backs of the legs.

Anyone got any idea if I could do something to the DAF seat to make it tilt farther than it does now or am I just going to have to put up with this. It has got the ASTronic gearbox so when I can get it into cruise I can move the old leg around a bit and bang the foot up and down to try to help the situation.

Don’t bother mentioning about seeing doctors etc as in my opinion they mostly seem to know less about any illness I am likely to have than I can find out on the net.

If you are the only driver of the vehicle,then get your boss,if he’s any good,to have a word with the dealer,and see if they can alter the tilt mechanism on it.

Obviously being a 105,it’s a new motor,so should be under an R&M contract with them,and with any luck,they may be able to help you.


This may seem totally opposite to your method of relief for your problem,but hear me out.
I am not diabetic but I do have a Low Glucose Tolerance which is half way to being diabetic,but is diet controlled.
I do have circulation problems in my legs unless my seat is adjusted just as I like it.I have found that if the seat squab is adjusted too far forward most of my body weight is taken on the top of my thighs and my @rse.This causes a restriction to the blood vessels to my legs.
By tilting the seat squab back I find that my body weight is then spread along the whole length of my thighs,from @rse to back of knee, which eliminates any numbness in my legs.
Just a thought.

Being a short arse :stuck_out_tongue: I know what you mean. I discovered by pushing the actual seat squab back, (the bit that the back of your legs are touching) it helped a lot.

Might be teaching you to ■■■■ eggs but I remember even my old F7 had this adjustment. It is normally the small blade like lever between your legs at the front of the squab.

My Volvo FH had it and my MAN has this adjustment too

Get yourself one of THESE.

I never drive without mine, and it makes a massive difference. Takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once you adjust you’ll find it’s the best £25 you ever spent. :wink: