Any chance with european work from Scotland with class 2?


I have class 2 only, I was doing national UK jobs as well as local scottish multidrop and runs to scottish islands. Last autumn I had a 7.5 t job in express parcels company to Europe, but that was canceled, as they started to use romanian subcontractors instead.

I am looking from this time and I can’t find nothing. Some companies are down, as they cannot handle competence from new EC members countries and others use subcontractors as well (mostly from Poland).

But altough Scotland is beauty, I always wanted to travel far, so I am looking for some opportunity. Anybody heard something?

I am class 2, two years cat. C experience, much more experience on small vans, good english and native polish, some french, basic german, communicative in some slavic languages…

I would say the best chance you have is in tfe removal game, but that is a bit quite at the moment.


Removal currently can be my industry, as I had my back injured in car accident, so heavy lifting is excluded …

Sorry to here that , good luck keep looking,

Thanks anyway :wink: