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had three posts to face book claiming this was RAC fault left on hard shoulder for three hours after refusal to come out !

12 dogs in a campervan? The place must’ve stank. That’s the second problem with a campervan in these parts as a clapped out camper broke down on the Southbound Kennington exit of the A34 on Friday. Some of these things are only fit for scrap.
Just thought, “12 dogs in a camper” was probably a hen party from Bretch Hill Estate in Banbury.

I know RAC Commercial had arranged recovery and it was on route when camper got struck. A lot of ill informed people are blaming RAC without knowing any facts. Dog Lovers CSI :slight_smile:

We always requested ( as per all car club t&c’s) that animals were left inside the vehicle being recovered. I imagine a van was dispatched and couldn’t fix fault and a larger recovery vehicle was being sourced.

I was quite regularly sent to recover pickup trucks that turned out to be Ford F150’s with a 5 tonne trailer ( or similar). The customer had simply said they were in a ford pick up with trailer so car club sent regular recovery.

Three dogs die and a woman is injured in motorway collision | Oxford Mail

had three posts to face book claiming this was RAC fault left on hard shoulder for three hours after refusal to come out !

Yes, it was definetly the fault of the blind truck driver!

Hiya…the camper was a right mess all you could recognise was the wheel discs. as it happened newish ones
for the posts that said most of the campers are scrap. its the new techonlogy thats killing vehicles.
you can be driving along and for no reason you can get STOP show on the dash, some people do.for no reason.

i think when we registered for recovery we needed to inform the recovery company (green flag)the weight and
overhaul lenght when we had the older van.that one covered 50,000 miles in 6 years from new.

Not much left of it

Is it just me or does it seem that there are more accidents happening on the longer stretches between junctions…no street lights from the junction roundabouts above which may lead to an attack of the nodders creeping in, especially now it’s colder, our windows are closed and the heaters are slowly creeping up into the red zone, making us feel nice & cozy? This one was from the other day, j15-16

And this from this morning, j11-12…again

I would imagine that bureaucracy played a massive hand in this mess up…