Any advice

Hi all im new here (Great site By the way)

Had my class 2 for 8 yrs now and stepping over to c + e in a couple of weeks

Just wondered if any of you experienced guys could pass on some advice for me to sponge up

And of course i will keep you updated :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Best of luck. Hopefully 8 years has not given you too many bad habits.

Who are you training with? Wagon n Drag or Artic?

Usual advice really. Visit local trainers. Donโ€™t book through a broker.

When on the course, listen to your trainer. They have been doing it a lot longer. Take it steady. Itโ€™s not a race. You should show that you can competently control 44t.

And above allโ€ฆ Enjoy the experience. :slight_smile:

Hi cheers for the reply, Been for an assess drive with TRUK in bolton, never reversed a trailer in my life :open_mouth: but got the hang of it after 30 mins (for the test reverse that is) the real learning starts when i pass im sure. Enjoyed every minute of it and was told a 12 hour course would suit me fine.
They seem a good bunch up there but i cant find any reviews ect if you wouldnt mind pointing me in the right direction for a bit of research before i part with my money. :laughing:

Sorry forgot to say artic is what im training for :laughing: :wink:

As Iโ€™m on my mobile itโ€™s a bit hard to find appropriate links.

However Iโ€™m sure someone will soon

Try putting TRUK in search box at top right of the forum page. I vaguely remember someone about 6 months ago training with them. I did a few runs up that way and have seen their training trucks around. They look ok. But looks arenโ€™t everything.

Oh and I had never reversed a trailer before taking my CE course and test. Hopefully it will come together for you.

And yes itโ€™s a very good point you make. You only learn how to do an S reverse to test standard which is not the same as real life reversing :wink:

Hi there,

Is your trainer called billy? An old guy with white hair.

Hi Yes he is the guy i done the assessment drive with, seemed a nice chap :smiley:

Hi Yes he is the guy i done the assessment drive with, seemed a nice chap :smiley:

Yeah hes ok I only know him through my trainer when in atherton test centre waiting for a lad on test in my instructors lorry before my test for 90 mins so to pass the time got chatting to the other instructors and billy seemed sound.