"anti speed trap deflectors

DVD’S has anyone got some old nes they want to offload, thought of using as frisbees, or “Anti Speed Trap” deflectors,( commonly seen in widscreens of trucks / vans ) see the other post “Thanks” by Dave O’Donnell for details… :laughing:

ANY OLD IRON ? :bulb: :bulb: No really do you have any old DVD’S to donate to Johnny & Stoke Mandiville Hospital :bulb: :bulb:

Cant believe this question has arisen…!!!

CD’s/DVD’s dont work as speed trap deflectors…

Your right foot does…!!!

PC Plod with laser gun aims it your number plate, hence why the free foto you get through the post shows the bottom half of your truck front, not the windscreen.

WHY … ■■?

The laser is a Class 1 Laser Product

Just look at the safety label on your home stereo/boogie box/pc cd-rom…etc…!!! to see why…!!!

Just imagine the outcry and compo if a driver was blinded by one of her finest boys in blue because he screwed up in using it…
(i know this can happen as a friend of mine was hit in the eye by a laser…caused a blind spot…)

i’m still awaiting my court date for a speeding offence, foto shows bottom half of cab only !!! and i was told by a camera operator that they aim at the number plate so therefore this emphasis the point CD’s/DVD’s dont work…!!!

DOH !!!

tiredness me thinks,
lead boots !!!

didnt read 2nd post, but my point is valid !!!

I’lll see what ive got for sending to a fellow trucker

Thanks for the reply, I am off to see Johnny today ( Sunday ) as he is still in Chase Farm Hospital Enfield… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: , but hey , thanks for the laugh, I kinow they dont work as speed trap thingys, but i figured if people were daft enough to think they were any good in the windscreen, then found out they weren’t they could send them to Johnny Edmonds, and get some satisfaction that they are being used as intended… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Did you read the article in a recent motorcycle mag about error in the guns used by the police? 30mph at standstill, makes you think :open_mouth:

There was a stand at Truckfest Shepton Mallet actually selling some gadget or other which was supposed to fool the speed cameras.
The salesman said it was something ‘no driver should be without’
We told him it would not do us any good as we didnt speed.
He just laughed and said he didnt believe us and that everybody was guilty of speeding any day of the week. What a moron!