Anti social lorry drivers

Start engine then leave to idle for 20 min’s at 3.20 am in packed lorry park.
tidy up. put clothes on…40 mins later put radio on full blast.
climb out of cab have p*** climb back into cab look at map…find glasses…
look at map again ,rev engine brew tea…have another pi** rev engine set sat nav move off…moral don’t park in lorry parks.

You always seem to get the odd one! Most are extra quiet when leaving though, I always try my best to be quiet so not to wake the other drivers. My old unit often needs 5 mins to build the air up though!

these posts are F****** groundhog day

these posts are F****** groundhog day

I’ll agree with you there. :wink:

these posts are F****** groundhog day

True but theres a limited number of topics for lorry drivers to moan about, theyre bound to keep cropping up!


these posts are F****** groundhog day

True but theres a limited number of topics for lorry drivers to moan about, theyre bound to keep cropping up!

the cost
ohh gay type person ,the price of diseal and companys going under ,
is quite current
as for what i can moan about in a day there aint enough hours :wink:

I know it’s a naughty thing, but I remember driving abroad a couple of years ago from site to site in a small convoy, and each time the same 50 or so trucks would be there from other groups too.

One in particular had a habit of putting his radio on loud late at night, had a poor attitude when driving, and had a horrible personality and behaved in a way that simply wasn’t cricket.

So one day, somebody (no that doesn’t mean me, but avoiding saying as much) nicked an IV sac and filled it with pee, and hooked it up onto his roof spoiler, and forced the pipe in through the sun roof seal. I don’t know quite how he did it, but there was an electrical switch on meaning whenever the ignition was on, the drip set going and slowly leaked pee into his cab.

Now this guy would normally have the ignition on all night for his radio to play (while he slept) and ran the engine several times a night for air con when we were in Italy so the same was gonna happen in Spain, so it worked a treat.
He didn’t figure out why his cab began to smell so bad, and even moved it a couple of times thinking he was too near the toilets, then too near a drain.
So successful was it that the genius who rigged it up re-filled the IV sac before the whole show moved on, and the next drive was barcelona to northern Holland, so he had another whole bag seep through.

We can only assume the line didn’t protrude enough to be visible or to drip clearly cos he never found it. Maybe it spread around the seal and seeped into the ceiling material, or just evaporated into the cab air, I never did find out. But the guy got such a grump on all the time and was miserable sleeping in the unit that he bought a tent and began camping each weekend instead :smiley:

I learned a lesson through these experiences.
Never act like a plonker in a truck park full of trucks you drive in convoys with and have to be with for several weekends on end, and never cross an Italian with some sort of electrical engineering qualifications and a great imagination.

Maybe just me, but when i started doing tramping i soon became used to noise, espec parking in layby’s and truck stops espec since i was doing nights and going to bed about 9am.

I couldnt have done my job if a truck starting up or radio blaring would wake me up.

I ran outta hours on the A14 daytime parked right next to carriageway couldn’t hear my dvd player for the noise of the traffic yet as soon as my head hit the pillow i was out like a light and slept fine.

Yeah i agree it is anti social behaviour and no need for it but it certainly doesent waken me up and just see it as par for the course.

Kenny1975, have to agree, when i did the tramping, i was out cold and nothing woke me, that’ll be the WTD and not being knackered enough now as need a decent kip :laughing: