another tacho question

This is probably a daft question but I can find the answer anywhere.

I do many vehicle changes during the day so can end up using both digi and paper tachos but what do I put on the digi manual entry if I get out of a digi vehicle then take an analogue vehicle then get in a digi vehicle.
I would think it would be other work but would that be a problem then with the paper tacho showing driving at the same time.

Im sure someone on here will know


Personally I’d transfer all the data from my digi and write it on the tacho disc, then attach the 2 together.

When I get that, I put the time that I’m on a paper chart down as a ‘?’ manual entry on the digi - not sure if that only works on the new tachos though?

It’s always come back from analysis as fine, with no infringements etc for doing it that way.


From reading the regs there is no legal requirement to do anything but hand in both different sets of records and then leave it up to the company analysts to sort out

Personally I think that marking the analogue with - DIGICARD also used during this shift and doing a digi printout with - ANALOGUE also used during this shift would be a prudent way to proceed

This was posted on here a while back I copied it to read through because I also cab hop here and there so I take no credit for it but it may help.

On the odd occasion it happens with me I just do as you do and put it down as other work on the digi. Seems to me the only way to do it and cant see it presenting any problems. After all you are doing other work, driving another lorry :slight_smile:

This should be relatively simple but isn’t.

As I log off the digital I note the time. Get into the analogue, fill in my chart and make a manual entry on the reverse for the activities that have taken place since the time I left the digital. Now the analogue records what happens next. So far so good.

If I then leave the analogue to go to the digital it will tell me when I last withdrew the card and ask if that was the end of my shift and here lies the problem. If I choose NO I will have to fill the missing time - but what with?

The newer Tacho may let me select ‘?’ Which is ideal. The older Tacho is now the problem. If you select “NO” and enter any of the four activities you can select it will possibly cause overlapping data for the operator if they happen to scan their analogues and that combines with the digital data. There may also be legal issues.

If you choose “YES” then start a new shift from when you left the analogue … This sounds OK but will probably cause problems for analysis but I think not. Would it be legal■■? Mmmmmm - I think it would be fine when accompanied as Rog said by manual written entries on both chart & print out to explain.

There certainly wouldn’t be any missing data which would be the main concern and the conflicting “end of shifts” and “start of shifts” are explained.

I do stand to be corrected though … And expect I will be. I have asked a serving VOSA guy and he said he would be concerned about missing data more than overlapping or conflicting data but suggested as long as the driver can explain (Entries as suggested by Rog) then he’d be happy.

I will say however well done to the OP for an excellent question I have never come across before - nor particularly thought about.