Another opinion please;

I’ve failed the C+E three times, the first (I felt) was close but not close enough - I came to a big roundabout and stopped, a car already on the rbt near enough stopped when he saw me and in effect I had time to get to where I was going - but turns out that’s not how it works on the test so I failed - fair enough I suppose. Even the examiner said it was a shame.

Second time I got three minors - and the major. Reverse was perfect, drive went really well all but this;
The examiner asked me to pull into one of those parking places that are a bit like a layby, it was tight and I miss-judged it slightly and knocked the kerb with the unit’s front wheel (didn’t go up it), that was it - FAILED

Third time my mind was a mess, I went into the test wondering how on earth I could ever pass and worrying about the small fortune it was costing me! I made a right mess of it and failed miserably.

My confidence and pocket took quite a beating, that was about april last year and even now I’ll be worried that “I can’t do it” though I know that’s tosh - if the second examiner had got laid since his twenties, I’d probably have the C+E now - miserable ■■■■ :laughing:.

Now, I’ve been doing agency work since but I’ve noticed work slow down so much since september that I’m now on the dole. Thing is, I can’t help but notice there’s about 4 C+E jobs advertised to every 1 C job and, seeing as I’ve been thinking about trying again sometime this year, maybe now would be a good time. I know most of them would want experienced drivers but at least I could apply for them and maybe it would get me more work from the agencies.

To complicate things though, I’d have to get a loan or something to fund it (probably a full course as it’s been a while) and there’s no gaurantee I’d pass so it’s a bit of a gamble.

What do you guys think, should I wait or do you think it would be worth a shot?

I don’t know how to make this a poll unfortunately, Sorry about the essay.

Hi darkseeker, I made a poll for you and I hope it’s what you wanted…:grimacing:
…if not, please let me know so I can edit the options. :smiley:

I would not recommend a loan at this time.Passing your artic test appears to be your problem-it is mine as well-no doubt you can drive, its a matter of being able to convince the examiner.I feel as though I have spent too much money and I still have unfinished business.I have said it before but consider bus driving in some areas there are vacancies and none of the 2 years zb.