Another newbie!!!

Hello everyone!

Joined here a few weeks ago but have been too busy to say hi!

Just passed my C test (21,11,08) first time :smiley: and made the same mistake as most people on here and realized after passing my test how hard it would be to get a job!!!

I have learnt one thing that my digi tacho instructor told me, In the haulage business, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

So I changed my tactics and went from looking in the job center and job adverts, to asking anyone and everyone I know if they knew of any lorry driving jobs going.

In the last week, this is what I have been offered;

  1. X-girlfriends dad has offered me a few days 32T tipper driving!
  2. Mates girlfriends dad has offered me a job with lanterns recovery (some of you might have heard of them)
  3. Dads mate is an assessor for sainsbury’s and as soon as i get a C+E lisence he should be able to sort me out somework with them!
  4. Mums friends husband has said in the new year he would give me a job driving a 26T plant lorry!

So for a newbie, I think im doing quite well! Im not trying to boast, just saying if your looking for a HGV driving job, spread the word around because you never know!

2 weeks ago I thought I would be waiting months for a job, now i’ve got a choice :open_mouth:

BTW this is a great site and has answered many of my questions I once had!

**:D :smiley: :smiley: Welcome ADDZYBOY :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:** ![]( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ![]( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _![]( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _![]( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _![]( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _![](

If you click the link in my signature or this avatar pic it will lead you to an index where you can access a lot more info which may be of use to you if/when you go for C+E ARTIC :smiley: :smiley:

From reading your post I don’t think you need to read this bit…
Current Newbie job & economic situation - My own view

Just passed my C

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whlich job have you took? the reason why im asking is i too have had similar promises…im not saying none of the job offers are fake or theyre lying but i ve had afew people say get your cat c and come and see me,then get your c +e and come and see me,i got both first time and my adr and all of a sudden the offer seems to be “its a little quiet at the moment “or” ive had to let some go”.i hope one of them come off for you

When i started 3 years ago
I remember when doing my lessons,
I was promissed work of friends etc…

But when the time came , and i had my c&e i couldnt get work,
only with the agency Driver Hire.

or were they false promises also ?

just curious

lucky sod. at least he has had promises :laughing:

Well done on the pass.

Well done