Another newbie after a bit of advice!

Hi folks

I don’t have my class 2 licence yet, got my theory test and mod 2 of CPC next week. If and when I do get qualified I’m looking at trying to get into driving tippers or take my hiab ticket and try and get a job driving for a builders merchants or something like that.
Just wondered if any of you lads or lasses who know more about this industry could give me any advice on this, would tippers or hiab be a good route to take?
Round my way (Mansfield area) there does seem to be quite a few jobs advertised for both.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

You’re always more likely to get a job with hiab. Most of the agencies in the south are always asking for hiab operators and because of the lack of drivers you’re more likely to get a start as a newly qualified driver.